aXBake Modules


Start Fresh

Organization and Quality Assurance for incoming goods, interface to ERP Systems, Batch tracking of raw materials

  • Quality control of incoming materials
  • Inventory management & Labeling
  • Tracking of daily consumption from all storage areas
  • Materials physical movements tracking
  • Request for goods replenishment


Precision Crafted Fulfillment

Production planning, management of recipes, control of powder and fluid dosing systems

  • Production planning
  • Takeover of order from the ERP System
  • Feedback on material consumption
  • Recipe matching
  • Recipe management system
  • Control of dosing equipment both for fluid and powder materials
  • Control of pre-dough systems


The Power Of Water

Water is a key element in the process. Accurate weight, temperature and precise dosing are the responsibility of this hardware and software module.

  • Fully customized adjustments
  • Industrial components
  • Highest accuracy
  • Control of existing systems
  • Customer specific adjustments


Rise To Perfection

Ensure accurate and reliable fermentation and rest time, location and state of dough and pre-dough in bowls.

  • RFID guided monitoring of bowl location
  • Interface to, and control of kneaders and tilting lifter
  • Check of dough temperature
  • Clear, large screen, display of remaining fermentation or rest times
  • Deviation Reports


Fermentation Precision

Just as for bowls, monitoring of fermentation time for racks in prove chambers.

  • Monitoring of fermentation times in prove chamber
  • Analyses of deviations
  • Temperature and humidity reports related to the oven rack
  • RFID identification
  • Time deviation reports


Control Your Environment

Leverage automationX’s industrial capability for full control and monitoring of all building installation services.

  • Control of cooling and climate systems
  • Building management system
  • Refrigerator rooms control
  • Heat recovery
  • Energy data management
  • HACCP compliant reports


Take The Heat

With the flexible interface and control options, automationX offers full control capability for rack and conveyor ovens. Increase accuracy and energy efficiency.

  • Central control unit
  • Simple handling
  • Central recipe management
  • Informative analysis
  • Interface to existing control systems or its full replacement


Satisfied At First Bite

Hit the marks 100%. Ensure satisfaction with the built-in, order-based Quality Assurance (QA) System.

  • Automatic start of the QA procedure during batch production
  • Linking of parameters to the QA station
  • Custom configuration of inspection parameters and intervals
  • Extensive reports
  • Verification of pre- packaging regulations


Digitally Data Driven

Intelligent production management is included to maximize output, efficiency and uptime for manufacturing assets.

  • Standard Interfaces to the machine
  • Recording of the failures
  • Recording of the reject rates
  • KPI and OEE calculations related to exact machine, product, shift
  • Clear graphic visualization of key figures
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