Robotic Process Solutions (RPA), Embedded Analytics and More

automationX has the ability to build function, procedure, knowledge and user apps through its efficient object-oriented structure. We provide for level 1 control, level 2 data and user functions within a simplified commodity IT hardware system. Therefore, automationX is more efficiently deployed than any other DCS or PLC systems that have a complex and proprietary hardware-based approach. It flattens system architectures into simpler software and hardware schemes, reducing implementation effort, improving process and data accessibility while lowering on-going maintenance (OPEX).

We have recently partnered with University of British Columbia’s Process Lab and are currently seeking a bakery or food production partner in the Vancouver area.

aXAPPS are end-to-end industry specific solutions.

automationX Vancouver offers fully developed digital transformation solutions for Food, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure.