automationX plays a vital role in the operations of our customer’s facilities as they deliver energy, products and goods to market. This includes reliably powering shipping and transportation across the province. Now more than ever, we are counting on our highly skilled engineers and staff’s ability to deliver technology services. That is why we’ve taken immediate and priority steps to ensure the ongoing safe operations of our systems, while protecting the women and men who perform critical work.

Operationally, we have activated our C19 Management Communications Centre, which provides executive level oversight, and our C19 Response Team to deploy robust business and services continuity plans. These documented plans and strategies dovetail into our engineering discipline teams, which have been exemplary in rising to the new requirements. We are confident our culture of safety, preparedness, planning and agility has positioned us to manage this unprecedented challenge.

Thanks to the dedication and cooperation of everyone involved all our systems are operating as normal and critical project initiatives remain fully supported.

As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to update you with new information via our Communications Center as it becomes available.

Thank you!

aX C19 Response Team:

Paul Jager, P.Eng
C19 Response Manager
Sahiba Chadha
Communications Center
Dimitris Sayegh
Response Operations
Vahidreza Khoubiari
Site Deployment
Ramin Khoie
Zyhra Bolt
Supply Chain

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