MES For Bakeries

What is MES?

In simple terms, MES (manufacturing execution system) in the baking industry is a software management tool used for tracking the transformation of raw materials to finished products in real time. It relies on three main components for its performance: 

  1. Interface between production and administration:

MES links the ERP (enterprise resource planning) to automation systems like SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). This link speeds up the communication of data from the production floor to finance, logistics, purchasing and other departments in real time, eliminating the need for paper trails and manual reporting. 

  1. Production execution and control:

MES receives customer orders from the ERP software and converts them to production floor orders. They are then are scheduled and sequenced according to production lines. Using MES ensures that resources such as machinery and equipment, personnel and raw materials are available on time and in the required quantities. 

  1. Data consolidation and information flow:

By filtering, analyzing, validating and saving data in a structured manner, MES can transform timely information from the production environment to management. By providing real-time visibility, MES allows for production process modifications and control as well as overall improvement of manufacturing processes. 

How aXBake functions as a MES?

 aXBake is a unique manufacturing execution system (MES) specifically designed for bakeries, bread plants and food industry. automationX provides modules for mapping the processes of incoming goods, storage, production planning, dosing control, quality assurance, plant control technology and efficiency analysis. The modules are linked together using a central data model. In this way you receive meaningful analyses of the process with minimal data maintenance. 

Some of the benefits aXBake provides in terms of MES:

Migrating to aXBake provides millers and bakers with many benefits such as: 

  • Reducing waste by matching grain and flour supply to bread production demands 
  • Quick processing and delivery of sales orders 
  • More accurate production scheduling and ingredients’ batching 
  • Reduction in production cycle and distribution times 
  • Better response to peaks and valleys in inventory management and logistics efficiency 
  • Ensuring sufficient labor resources 
  • Improvement of overall equipment efficiency and reliability 
  • Reduction in setup time, downtime and cleaning time 
  • Migration to cloud, virtual or paperless documentation of quality and production processes

A Piece of Cake

The most common myth revolving around shifting to technology is that it’s an expensive and exhausting exercise. However, that’s not true as aXBake makes this transition rather smooth and affordable. Managing your bakery production process from start to finish is a now a piece of cake with our aXBake solution. 

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