The Team

Meet Your
Digital Transformation Team

Innovative minds, cracking knowledge coupled with the engineering discipline, project management and style to pull it all off. Feel free to engage with any of us, on any level.

Vahidreza Khoubiari

VP Deployment

Knack for safely actioning engineering design and deployment crews on highly technical solutions with demanding schedules

Dimitris Sayegh

VP Operations

Big picture player with an eye for simple details, focused on teamwork and results

Terry Huang

Progress Engineer

Unrivalled engineering acumen to progress real- world projects into real- world results

Garrett Thibault

Innovation Engineer

Relentless explorer in leveraging engineering & technology for highly beneficial, practical solutions

Ramin Khoie, P.Eng.

Consulting Engineer

Experienced and highly capable. Leading teams turning complex challenges into simplified solutions

Mariia Torubara

Productivity Improvement Specialist

International and business savvy technology professional with the technical chops to turn aX operations applications and data into a productivity treasure trove

Sahiba Chadha

I&R Entrepreneur

Mastering the art-of-the-deal by turning your needs into collaborative solutions. A soft touch on hard negotiations, distilling options that drive delivery of all things automationX

Zyhra Bolt

I&R Innovator

Deft business mind and team motivator, innovatively applying action to initiatives

Akshay Arora

I&P Engineer

Talented systems engineering & corporate all-rounder with the ability to design, develop, deploy or delegate

Baramee Sirilerkpipat

I&P Engineer

Rene Jager

Team Leadership

Taking stock and predicting the future, guiding new generations on new ventures. Much like something you’d see from Microsoft or Google, because that is where he built his engineering management career

Gabriel J. Mueller

Consulting Engineer

Technology entrepreneur and contemporary leader who loves getting dirty with deep dives into IIOT systems, Python/Java/C, databases, networking and generally achieving the impossible

Guido Koenigs

Food Industry Consultant

automationX Vancouver offers fully developed digital transformation solutions for Food, Energy, Pulp & Paper, Manufacturing, and Infrastructure.