Working Through a Digital Transformation

It’s quite often large-scale industrial systems installed under capital projects don’t reach their full potential. There simply isn’t either the labor plan or budget to reap the indirect rewards the technology can provide.

With a thorough Digital Transformation it’s the people delivering the engineering effort, collaboration and planning that are most critical to optimal effectiveness. Therefore, it’s vital that the systems technology installed is at least matched with an expert implementation budget and the installation done as efficiently as possible.  There isn’t an engineering hour or dollar to waste.

The best approach to ensure that labor is a sizeable chunk of the budget is to simplify the automation system and its hardware.  Some of the large-scale DCS or PLCs tend to move the other way, loading up on servers, networks, interfaces, controllers and licenses which leaves the engineering group struggling to even commission.

The automationX system, through its simplified approach and object- oriented structure, allows software to be redeployed and customized easily for unique installations. The lower up-front costs of automationX means that more of the budget can go toward engineering time to fully develop the optimal solution.

automationX is a fully optioned system with little compromise in terms of features and functionality. Complex applications such as food production, manufacturing and sophisticated infrastructure projects have found automationX to be a great partner for project development and on-going support.

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